Artist Charles Cundall: In the Bay, 1947

Artist Charles Cundall (1890-1971): In the Bay, 1947

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Charles Cundall (1890-1971):
In the Bay, 1947
Framed (ref: 1664)

Inscribed on the reverse (in another hand), ‘on board an aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy, 1941’
Oil on card, 10 3/4 x 14 7/8 in. (27.2 x 37.9 cm.)

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Provenance:Artist’s wife, Jacqueline Pietersen (studio ref. no. 2339); Phoenix Gallery, Highgate
Literature: The Public Catalogue Foundation, ImperialWar Museum, London, 2006, p. 59.

Painting of the battleship Vanquard from the aircraft carrier "Implacable".

The Second World War saw the first large-scale use and further refinement of
aircraft carriers – warships designed with the primary mission of deploying and recovering aircraft, which acted as a sea-going airbas